July 8, 2014

Six Weeks

Six Weeks Status:Weight: 135 lbs.
Estimated Baby Size: Lentil 

Well I definitely feel as though I am pregnant as I approach the six weeks mark tomorrow. Notorious and glorious (only because it means things are working) pregnancy fatigue has been leading me to indulgent four hour or so naps, and I'm starting to feel the necessity for unrelenting trips to the ladies' room.

For me, these symptoms are pretty trademark for my previous pregnancies early on, so there is nothing new here, except perhaps for the now trio of gentleman whose beckon and call are also somewhat unrelenting. Thankfully their neediness also will offer a great deal of distraction from the long waiting game of pregnancy.  Maybe this pregnancy will feel more swift as a result!

While incubating Boops, Zoops, and Loops, I had recorded  that morning sickness started around 6-7 weeks each time and lasted just a brief 5-7 days. I only had nausea, mostly on an empty stomach, with the exception of one night of latrine bonding with Boops.  I am starting to feel nausea again as of last night, so my pregnancy is thus far being very predictable.  It seems I get the most variety out of my labors with each child, and hardly any out of my pregnancies. Still, I will take predictable...in fact I much prefer it. Though I suppose I shouldn't assume it's not going to get worse until a week or so has passed, right? Right...

Ah, yes! In keeping with our tradition, Schwartzling #4 is to be given a womb name, post haste!

I hereby dub our lovely lentil baby: Wombat, to be referred to as such until such time as Andy and I reach an agreement on a proper name after the revealing of  his or her gender.

Wombat and I will have our first appointment on Thursday.  I've been informed this will be a very exciting session of blood drawing to confirm that I am not deluded into thinking that I'm pregnant, but that the midwives at VCU can indeed proceed with my care in another yet to be determined appointment. !

With that, I bid you adieu! I think I might need another nap!

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