June 23, 2014

Pregnant Again! - Four Weeks

Four Weeks Status:Weight: 135 lbs.
Estimated Baby Size: Poppy Seed 

Yes! We are indeed pregnant again with our fourth!  I am beyond excited. We had loosely planned on trying for a fourth later in the summer, in August, but God had other plans for us, and I am happy for the somewhat unexpected surprise!

Since last I wrote, Leopold has grown into a sweet, loving mamma's boy. He's struggling with eating properly, as they all seem wont to do at times, and he is beginning to really talk clearly.  Sebastian will be starting Kindergarten (at home) this year, and I will teach Izaak alongside him. It will be very low-key, with lots of electives, history songs, and field trips! :)  Love my sweet boys! They can be really well-behaved or completely wacky depending on when and where we are, but they love deeply, and God's not finished with them yet. Mommy's patience may be taxed, and her hands may be full, but I wouldn't trade a minute of it!

On Saturday I started having a bit of a weak stomach. I had taken a Clearblue digital test earlier in the day and it was negative, but, after a full day of mild nausea, and not being able to sleep because I was just sure something was up, I got out of my bed around one in the morning and tested again. I was just a tad out of it at this point. This may or may not have had something to do with Andy calling from Kroger earlier in the day telling me the car was stolen...don't ask! We have it "back."  He maintains he has not lost his marbles, and we'll leave it at that! Haha! :) Anyhoo, it felt like I was sitting there staring at that blinking hourglass for 10 minutes instead of 2.  When it finally pronounced "pregnant" I had a momentary jolt of shock pass through me, like maybe I was seeing things because I should've been in bed dreaming.  (I should add, I had dreamt about a positive test two days prior).  I suppose after getting the negative result earlier in the day I should have been even more surprised, but I had a feeling I was pregnant, or I wouldn't have tested at 1am, right?!  I had even expressed the possibility with my parents and a close friend or two last week.

Alas! Here we go again!!!  Of course, the grandparents are all rooting for a girl, with seven grandchildren, ALL BOYS, on both mine and Andy's side, who can blame them right? I admit I think that it would be novel and adorable to have some estrogen backup around here, but it's hard to fathom getting a girl result after three boys.  'Tis not in my hands, so we shall see in 22 weeks!  I am going to use the Ramzi method on the early ultrasound scheduled for Jul, 10th, as it has been accurate for everyone I know who has ever used it, and was accurate for all three of my boys.

Gretchen has suggested, since Andy was #4 in his family, in honor of him, this little one should adopt his womb name of "Azalea."  This would be the first feminine sounding womb name bestowed to any of our brewing bundles. If you recall, Sebastian was Gorthar, Izaak was Lord Chitty Merlin Arthur CaChoob Pendragon Schwartz III, and Leopold was Wooster aka Chewy.  Schwartzling #4 will probably end up with his/her own unique womb name anyways. We  have too much fun with them to borrow one from Andy.

There will be no belly pic this week; we started Vacation Bible School (VBS) today and the church is borrowing our camera. Besides, it's not like there's really much of a baby bump the first few weeks, so whenever I post again it will probably look the same!

I could ramble on and on about the complexities and joys of adding a fourth child to our quiver, but I am sooo tired, I always forget how powerful that early pregnancy fatigue is. Besides, I really should go study up on the story I'm teaching at VBS tomorrow...I don't recall the story of Jairus. Tsk tsk...

Fare thee well for now!

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