January 31, 2015

Crafting for Winifred!

C'mon, you knew this was coming: 

Ribbons and Bows

As had to be expected, since the announcement of a baby girl was made, countless projects have been on my to-do list. The first of which, was the traditional mommy-made baby blanket.

I couldn't stop with just one though...

The first I did was a Chevron pattern I found online, and I just love it because it reminds me of W's, perfect for Winnie!

After hearing that I was experiencing a lot of problems with Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction,( AWFUL PAIN IN THE PELVIS) my mom paid a visit in the New Year, and she had her own projects in mind as well:

Beautiful handmade flannel swaddling blankies!!!  I love them so much! :)

When I was at Hobby Lobby picking out the fabric for one of the flannel blankets, I found some awesome super bulky and soft yarn and knew I wanted to make Winnie another blanket, that was a little more breathable and soft then the tight-stitched chevron blanket, so this was the next project:

I am also working on an embroidery project for her nursery, teaching myself the craft...it is SO fun and I highly recommend it to stitch-obsessed folks who haven't tried it...and also, turning some of the boys neutral leftovers into girly items, and repairing some awesome heirloom items passed down from my mom that my grandmother knit.  I'm in crafting heaven just dreaming away about Winnie :)


Oh, and I better not forget! It was Izaak's birthday last week!

He wanted a Paw Patrol birthday, and although we had planned to have it on his actual birthday, we decided last minute to have it when my mom was here, and so we stressed ourselves out, although well worth it, to throw it all together last minute. Fondant was my enemy, but it all turned out great in the end!

IZAAK's Party: