February 6, 2015

36 weeks - Home Stretch!

Thirty-Six Weeks Status:Weight: 174 lbs.
Estimated Baby Size: Head of Romaine Lettuce 6+lbs.Home stretch!  And there is lots of stretching going on! Winifred's got some long legs, and she likes to stretch them right up into my ribs... I would complain about it, but I'm overjoyed her legs are what are jabbing me, as she was taunting me with a breech position over the past couple of weeks. I've also got some stretch marks making their third trimester comeback...but they don't bother me!

I am now a firm believer in the efficacy of Webster's Technique in Chiropractic care.
When I went for my 34 week check-up the Midwife said that she was lying transverse, which is a funky breech position...she then turned upward and had her head rolling around near my ribs for a bit. All of this threw my pelvic balance way off...I was having Symphysis issues previously from all the Relaxin, so having her doing acrobatics and using my pelvis as her springboard seemed to make things worse.

Thankfully Webster technique was able to correct all the sublaxations, and by the second adjustment, just minutes afterward, I felt her flip over and start kicking me in my ribs. Just today we had an ultrasound to confirm, that she is indeed head down...although you can't see that in the pic:

You can see her cute little chubby cheeks though :)

I'm soooo happy she flipped, as a lot of the discomfort has vanished now that she's in a more balanced position. She is still in an  less than perfect position for labor, as she is Right Occiput Posterior (a position many breech babies will land in when they flip), but she has plenty of time to turn a bit, and I still have a few more chiropractic appointments before she's due.

I just can't wait to touch those chubby cheeks and kiss that little head!  Love my sweet girl. Her brothers are equally excited to meet her. None more than Leopold, who is always asking to "see Witifwed" and loves talking to her:

As an added bonus today after the good news ultrasound, a gift from Granny arrived: 

A beautiful home-made super cozy quilt! Love the colors!