March 11, 2015

41 Weeks - Still waiting...

Forty-one Weeks Status:
Estimated Baby Size: 20 inches+ 8+ lbs.

Well, despite my hopes, Winnie Jane is taking after her big brother Izaak instead of Sebastian or Leopold, and has decided she'd rather be fashionably late. I am certainly anxious for her arrival, but have a lot more peace about it than I thought I would. I remember a lot more frustration and weariness surrounding the delayed arrival of Izaak. Perhaps it has something to do with the weather becoming more spring-like, or that family and friends are being nice and not asking all the time. It also helps that we decided to take the month of March off from full-time homeschooling. Whatever the reason, I am not going crazy waiting for her, though I do have bouts of boredom that require me to go walk it out somewhere or prod Andy to take me out! :)

And my, oh my, have I ever been doing my all to urge things along! I have been walking as much as possible. And, before the weather got warmer, I pretty much exhausted all of the indoor malls in the Richmond-metro area. I then moved on to the two outdoor malls where I could duck into stores to get warm.  This past Saturday was much warmer, so I parked a ways from the Art Museum and walked to Cary town for lunch and a quick stroll. Then back to the Art Museum where I did several rounds and even more sets of stairs.  At least I'll be in decent shape by the time she shows up! I'm sure it's helping, at least a little...  I do sideways stairs, two at a time, several times a day when I'm at home, and curb walking on the back porch. My neighbors must think I'm crazy! Do I care? I think not.  "Get out of my belly!" (reverse Austin Powers fashion)

I have also been keeping up with the chiropractor and massage therapy...each time hoping that I will miraculously and spontaneously go into labor shortly after, but not being too surprised when I don't.  They are all rooting for me, and as they make appointments have grown accustomed to wishing me well, and hoping not to see me for them, haha!

The boys keep asking about her arrival, but they don't seem too concerned by the fact that she did not arrive when expected. Her countdown whiteboard in the window no longer holds a number, but rather a question's usually the first thing I see when I walk down the stairs for breakfast in the morning. I'm considering taking it down, but am looking forward to replacing it with a big goose egg when the day arrives.

Well, not much else to report...I guess I'll go do some more stairs! Hopefully my next post will contain baby photos!!!