July 30, 2014

Nine Weeks

Nine Weeks Status:Weight: 140 lbs.
Estimated Baby Size: Grape

Three weeks later and fatigue is still going, but it's potency is beginning to ease up.  I still feel like I need a couple naps a day and don't want to get out of bed in the morning, but I feel surges of functionality this week that I would have killed for last  week.

Yesterday, out of the blue, I decided it was time to trim the hedges (or small prickly trees) in the front yard, and I actually did the laundry I've been putting off all week...so I'd say I'm getting back to normal.

It hasn't been all that eventful for the past three weeks. The boys went to VBS at a neighborhood church for one week, and Andy has been travelling a lot, which I do not like, but have been dealing with. We did get to see our dear friends The Cook family who are moving up here. As I type, in fact! Excited to have them in our neck of the woods again, as they moved away before Leopold was born and had a baby I only recently was able to greet.

The most exciting baby news is that I had the 8 week ultrasound last week. I was highly disappointed in the quality of the frames the tech decided to print for me, because there were some really beautiful full baby profile shots that I would have loved to capture. Oh well, pictured somewhere above, with the help of the Paw Patrol, is the almost indiscernible strip. The important thing is that Wombat looked healthy, and had a good heartbeat. I am convinced that Wombat is a boy because he/she was obviously on the right of the uterus (left on screen but abdominal is flipped) as per the Ramzi method, this means boy #4!  My mom took it better than expected. It could be wrong after all!

I have been spending most of this week calling and meeting with contractors to fix our deck, which is in pretty bad shape. It doesn't appear to have been treated as often as needed, so many of the boards, all of the top rails and caps, and the benches and steps will have to be replaced, and the whole thing will need some screws, powerwashing, sanding and restaining.  I will be happy when that is done.

I have also been getting estimates to fell our huge walnut tree in the back yard. It drops walnut bombs from who knows how high, I'd guess at least 100 ft if not more.  And it is positioned right over the kids' swingset.  Only a matter of time, and my goodness what a pain it was to clean up after when all the fruit dropped off of it last fall. The nuts were all spoiled too, so it's beauty and shade have been outweighed by it's negative qualities...and it has to go! I am going to leave the stump because I SO enjoyed playing on stumps as a kid, and I figure the boys will feel the same...I may keep a few of its logs and use them as benches and screw down a top on it to make a cute little yard table au naturale...

I guess that's about it. See you again in a couple of weeks!

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