September 6, 2014

Fourteen Weeks

Fourteen Weeks Status:Weight: 146 lbs.
Estimated Baby Size: Lemon

Five weeks have passed since Wombat had his first ultrasound. I have another appointment in two days and have enjoyed being able to say I am now in the Second trimester all week. Always a nice milestone!

I have definitely had much more energy for the last three weeks or so and feel more human again. I have been really bad about exercising though, and have decided to buckle down. I know for a fact now all the good I was doing myself in my other pregnancies by staying on top of the prenatal fitness, because the lack of it this time is all too evident.  My back has been really bugging me, and my posture is worsening.

I am determined to remedy all of this though, I started slow with two very spaced out workouts this week. I will try for three next week, and one every other day the following week.  It's hard because I really only have a chance right after the kids go to bed, and the kitchen gets cleaned up, and that is probably when I'm the least motivated to do anything physical, much less torment myself with cheesy workout DVDs.

10 weeks 6 days
I cycle through three different discs usually, so at least it's not the same one every time.  I highly recommend Summer Sanders' & Erin O'Brien's workouts...and if you can put up with her, Leisa Hart's prenatal workout always leaves me feeling straightened out and better prepared because of its focus on labor prep breathing, posture, and stretching.  I've tried countless other ones, just to add variety, but these are the only three that I've stuck with and not wanted to chuck out of a window. At least not usually...

The reason I haven't posted for five weeks was because Andy was travelling a lot. It seemed like every other day he was overnighting it. I also had Sebastian start homeschooling early, to prepare for the time off we'll be taking when Wombat arrives.  He loves school, and I can only hope my other three will take to it as enthusiastically as he has, although I am not holding out hope.  They all have graciously gifted minds! And, yes, I'm probably biased in that opinion...

I will start teaching ESL next Thursday as well, so my schedule will not get any easier, but hopefully Andy's will be a little easier now that his annual Summit is finished.  We had another ultrasound when wombat was 10 weeks 6 days...he was being stubborn and hiding during the sonogram so they sent me for a freebie. He measured a little long, which is not that surprising I guess. Thankfully the US tech this time printed out a much better picture (see above).

Well, hopefully on Monday I will get a better idea of when the big gender reveal will be...although I seem to remember it is usually around 22 weeks, which means I have a long wait still. Trying to enjoy it as it comes. Love this trimester so it's not hard to do!

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