November 11, 2010

Month Seven and a Bit O' Eight


Thirty-One Weeks Status:
Weight: 167.1 lbs.
Estimated Baby Size: Four Navel Oranges (>3.3 lb. & >13in.)

Forgive me blog-readers, for I have sinned. It has been seven weeks since my last post...

Things have been a little too hectic with writing lengthy term papers for me to keep up with posting every four weeks. I should have suspected as much. To make matters more complicated, starting yesterday I've been feeling quite ill. Apparently the third trimester can bring back a lot of the yucky first trimester symptoms, although this wasn't the case for my first pregnancy. I have been extremely fatigued and nauseous, among other symptoms. Sleeping at night has also been difficult, as Izaak is apparently not interested in sleeping for a better part of the day and all through the night. Either that or he just moves a lot in his sleep. I'm hoping for the latter, as I am afraid his patterns in utero might be reflected in his sleeping habits post-partum. And, Hunger pangs, and restless leg woes to boot. So....whine, whine, whine...I am physically miserable, but I thank the Lord that I can in fact feel my baby happily moving about, and I can only repeat the wise words of mother to myself, "This too shall pass." Here's hoping these symptoms are more flu related and they pass tomorrow!

Since last I wrote, we had Sebastian's big One-Year-Old celebration. It was a cute backyard farm-themed party, which Grandma Harper, Uncle Josh, Aunt Shelly, and Francisco & Rachel Gaxiola were able to attend. I made him a pig cake out of Red Velvet cake, just to be more realistic, hahaha! He devoured its snout, and enjoyed opening all the presents. I will post a link to some of the pictures below.

Other than that, Andy and I have been very busy with schoolwork. In order to get things done we've been taking turns taking Sebastian on little one-day adventures, so whoever is writing the term paper of the week, can work in peace. It's been working pretty well so far. I only have one more to finish up this weekend before I'm in the clear for term papers the rest of the semester. Well, until next time...hopefully I'll be feeling a little more chipper then.

Sebastian's First Birthday Photos

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