December 12, 2010

Month Eight


Thirty-Five Weeks Status:
Weight: 178.6 lbs.
Estimated Baby Size: Honeydew Melon (>5.25 lb. & >18in.)

Well, the past few weeks have not been all too exciting on the baby front. Of the two appointments I've had, neither yielded ultrasounds or anything more than what seemed like a social visit designed to simply see how much I've grown. I have grown larger, of course, and I've grown increasingly less comfortable. I swear over the last few days, Izaak has dropped so low that his head (at least I hope that's his head) is giving me a bruised feeling on the top of my pelvic bone where it's resting. This has not been helped by recurring bouts of which I began telling you about last time, some sort of stomach bug that came and left after a week, only to be followed a week later by another awful head cold, and many muscle cramps. I am blaming most of these ailments on my inability to keep up my prenatal workout regimen with all the schoolwork I've been juggling on top of sickness. I am still dealing with the residual effects of said sickness...blech.

In any case, I need to start thinking about packing my bags for the hospital. Considering I didn't use more than a quarter of the junk I lugged to my first birthing experience, I doubt it will take me very long. With a mere five weeks to go, unless of course Izaak is early (as so many people are thinking he will be), I should probably start thinking of doing a lot of things. Somehow I need to make room for all the infant stuff that has miraculously been stuffed in every nook and cranny unimaginable to me even now. No way I shoved stuff in the attic, right? No...

Anyways, it's getting closer, and while I'm in no hurry--things are usually much more peaceful and calm when the little tikes are in the belly--I can't say I'd be too disappointed by an early arrival. As long as he's healthy, I'm more than happy. Andy, no doubt, would be most pleased by the tax exemption, ha!

In other news, since last I wrote, I successfully pulled off hosting my first Thanksgiving at our house. It was a ton of fun, and it wasn't nearly as complicated as I thought it was going to be. Thank you Alton whatever-your-name-is from the Food Network, for the awesome turkey brine recipe! Andy helped too, making his famed Sweet Potato Casserole...yes it deserves all caps. Soooo sooo yummy. We didn't get to have family up, but we had our close friends the McSherrys and Osterfelds and their children. Sebastian loved having other kids to play with, and so did we adults.

Other than that, Andy and I have been toiling with term papers, presentations, and other fun projects related to our edumacation. I would say we both had a good semester, as we should maintain our straight A's into the new year. (taking a bow) Hmm...what else. I also took a trip down to NC to see my brother and his wife and my nephew, as well as my parents. The grandparents chipped in and got little matching Adidas track suits for the cousins, which was occasion for some cute photos. I think other than that, and a trip to Monticello Andy and I took to celebrate my one week sans-illness ( I say this only because I got sick shortly after it and was only well for a few days before it) that was it for recreational activities.

Well, next posting will probably be the last one, and with Christmas coming and a break in store for us, it will hopefully be a cheerful one. I will attach a few photos of the last month below.

'Til next time!

Thanksgiving Spread

Kids enjoying each other...


Wii was an integral part of our Thanksgiving...

Boops and me at Monticello.

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