September 22, 2010

Month Six


Twenty-Four Weeks Status:
Weight: 159.8 lbs.
Estimated Baby Size: An Ear of Corn (>1 lb. & >12in.)

Well Izaak Atlas Schwartz it is...although Andy and I will likely war over the spelling of Izaak v. Isaak for the remaining 16 weeks until he arrives. Like proper siblings, Sebastian and his baby brother have already learned how to fight, with Sebastian using my belly as a drum from the outside and Izaak doing his best to respond to these challenges from the inside. Boops giggles like crazy every time he sees my belly, which has grown rapidly into the size of a soccer ball over the past four weeks. I think that Izaak can recognize his brother's voice too, since he usually gets quite active when I get home from school to Sebastian's excited little self.

Oh yes, as I mentioned, school started up again at the beginning of this month...I cannot say this is a very thrilling development. While I have certain classes that I find very intriguing, such as Asian Art or Fin-de-Si├Ęcle European Art, there are also those terrors such as Dance Appreciation (in which I've already been subjected to public humiliation through the form of doing a clumsy oh-so-sexy pregnant version of R. Kelly's Step in the Name of Love line dance) and Natural Hazards (in which the material itself is very interesting, but the teacher drones on reading from PowerPoint presentations that say the exact same thing as he has us read in the book before each class by threat of pop quiz)....ZzzzzZzzzz....

It also does not help that I once again have developed a severe case of baby brain. Just like last year, I went to school with a purse containing only my wallet, but didn't think to grab my book bag with my notebook and pens in it. On this particular day, I also forgot my phone, which thankfully Andy saw in the car and brought with him to class to give to me when I handed off Sebastian to go to night class. Of course I left the keys to the truck in the diaper bag with Andy, which meant that after he drove all the way home in rush hour traffic he had to come all the way back to give his loopy purse toting wife the keys so she could get home. He is a saint... Speaking of baby brain, I completely forgot to mention last month that Silas Xavier Schwartz was born on Friday, Aug 13 2010 @ 12:21 pm, a healthy 7lbs 4oz, and 20 inches long. Now Sebastian has two cousins who have birthdays that day! His cousin Lunden turned seven this year.

In any case, thankfully this month ended with a fun-filled visit by Grandpa Schwartz aka Gramps. Although he was only able to leave his busy work-life to join us for three days, we packed almost every minute with good times. The weather was perfect, in the high 70s, low 80s, so we went by way of Ferry to the Jamestown Settlement, Colonial Williamsburg, and the Isle of Wight state fair the next day. The pictures, thanks mostly to Gramps, were fantastic. In addition, Sebastian had the time of his life running around outside. Instead of posting photos here, I will just post a link to the photo album. Enjoy!

Gramps's Visit Photos


  1. I like Sebastian peeking out from behind tummy!

  2. I wish there were pictures of your preggo line dancing...that would be awesome!! :)