August 8, 2010

Month Four


Sixteen Weeks Status:
Weight: 147.6 lbs.
Estimated Baby Size: An Avocado (3.5 oz. - 4.5 in.)

The second trimester is not to be underrated. The drastic boost in energy I've experienced over this past month couldn't be more welcome. While I choose not to take much advantage of this energy other than the occasional forced workout (I need to get my hands on some Richard Simmons to get the groove going) or walk around the grocery store or maternity section, it has allowed me the bare minimum fuel supply needed to keep up with school and tropical storm Sebastian, who has taken over my house. With every new bold step, and yes, every random dance move (he likes doing Lord of the Dance impressions) he is becoming more confident and pleasantly erratic. He now talks to us in Sebabble language, which delights the ears. It is most pleasing when he goes from low toned grunts to supersonic screeches in neither ceases to scare nor entertain. He is just so darn cute, and we never know what to expect next with his exploratory behavior. As for Lord Chitty, he/she has begun making her own challenges to the strange creatures of this outside world in an attempt to be noticed. I have a feeling he/she is usually unsuccessful in these attempts except for when I am lying down for my evening Netflix binge or book-in-bed session. Thankfully, school is over and there will be a lot more lying around going on while I have the chance. I'm sure these three weeks I have off before the Fall semester picks up will fly by with my expected itinerary of visiting fun people and places over the next few weeks as well as relaxing at home. Speaking of fun places, we recently made a trip to the Virginia Air and Space museum, which was filled with such exhibits as "Animal Grossology" (all about disgusting animals or animal bodily functions if you care to imagine) and "Make a fool of yourself being an air traffic controller" simulations. Needless to say, we took full advantage of every opportunity to dork things up. I will post some of the better pictures below. Until next month...

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