July 14, 2010

Month Three


Thirteen Weeks Status:
Weight: 144.6 lbs.
Estimated Baby Size: A Medium Shrimp

Month three started off with the best part of the first trimester: the first ultrasound! Even though we've been through this entire process with Sebastian so recently, we were still completely captivated by the awesome image of our child rolling around inside the womb. Merlin is a cutie just like his big brother was in utero. Here is his first picture:

According to the doctor, our little one is doing perfectly and everything seems to be going well to this point. Thankfully, all of the unpleasantries of early pregnancy have abated now, and I no longer have unbearable fatigue to battle, nor nausea to plague my every waking moment. Woohoo! Thank God! And with the end of the trials of early pregnancy the belly shall grow. I have definitely started showing now and have transitioned into maternity clothes. Now we can just sit back and wait for the first kicks and the revealing of the sex in the next ultrasound, which should take place sometime in the beginning of August.

In Sebastian news, he never ceases to amaze us. On July 1st, the day he turned 9 months old, he took his first wobbly steps. I don't know many people whose 9-month-olds walk, and it's hard to believe that we have a little toddler on our hands already. My mom came into town to visit us for the Fourth of July and got to witness all the fun of his first few days learning to walk. By now, a couple weeks later, he has pretty much mastered it. The doctor was quite impressed yesterday at his 9 month well-baby visit when Sebastian walked across the room to me. We're so proud! A second, and perhaps (on some levels) more exciting, development is his recent propensity for sleeping longer stretches at night. He slept for an entire 7.5 hours straight one night this week...an unthinkable feat up to this point for him. He still wakes most nights a couple times, but he is definitely improving.

Well, that's it for now. I will post a video of Sebastian walking:

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