June 16, 2010

Month Two


Nine Weeks Status:
Weight: 143.0 lbs.
Estimated Baby Size: A Grape

So I'm not exactly sure how the first three months are divided...I guess by the time you find out you're pregnant the first month is pretty much over. According to Babycenter.com there are 13 weeks in the first trimester, so I guess week nine is the last week in month two...I barely made it on here! In any case, on to the blogging...

I wasn't as lucky this time around as I was last time. Unfortunately, I got hit with some icky nausea this time, and it would pretty much persist all day long. It was actually pretty confusing to distinguish whether I was simply hungry, or whether I was feeling "morning" sickness. I feel like with Merlin, I have been hungry constantly! Anyways...a few things have happened worth noting.

First of all, Merlin's Aunt Rachel helped us to perfect his (or perhaps her in the off chance a Schwartz actually gives birth to a girl in this generation) womb name. His full womb name is now, officially, Lord Chitty Merlin Arthur CaChoob Pendragon Schwartz III. Ha! I'm sure he'll enjoy it at some point in the future.

Perhaps the most exciting news was that Shelly and Josh are also expecting another baby! It's so crazy! They are due one month after us, so our deliveries have the potential to be very close. It really is awesome to have someone so close, going through the same things (at least some of the same things). I was originally going to wait until Father's Day to tell the whole family, but then they surprised everyone with their news a week before, so I figured to bombard everyone with the unbelievable news that we were both pregnant at the same time! It was pretty funny.

In Sebastian news, he's getting sooo big! He was 23.8 lbs this week when I weighed him. He can now reach the piano keys while standing, and can even feed himself with a spoon- provided I put the food on the spoon for him. Such a cutie! Well Next week will be the start of the final month of the first trimester. Thankfully I bought four new prenatal workout videos...it's nice to have variety. I got kind of sick of the two I used while pregnant with Sebastian. I am quite sore at the moment from one of them...kicked my arse! Well that's about it for month two. Enjoy the video!

Sebastian's Self-Feeding:

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