May 15, 2010

Month One


Beginning of Month One Status:
Weight: 140.4 lbs.
Estimated Baby Size: Poppy Seed

That's right! We're having another baby! I'm following in my mother's footsteps and having my second child a mere 16 months after the first. And I used to call her crazy... We are very excited, but rather surprised we reached success the first time we officially tried. Considering this is one of the rare occasions in the career of a Marine when he is guaranteed to not deploy (to remind everyone out there, Andy is in the Marine Enlisted Commissioning Education Program at Old Dominion University where I attend as well) we figured it is a perfect oppurtunity to have kids. Or at least start the brood.

Well last week (week 3) was a bit strange. I just had a feeling I was pregnant, so I took an at-home pregnancy test. At first glance pretty much anyone would have seen it as a negative...but Andy and I both swore that we could see the faint hint of a line. So, after going to school to take a final exam I decided to stop by the doctor's office to get the answer, according to everyone I know and the doctor's themselves, a blood serum test is never wrong, even if you go in two days prior to your expected period (which is what I did). After a ridiculously long wait at the doctor's office, however, they told me I was likely just imagining a pregnancy, and that I was indeed not pregnant, "these tests are quite accurate, i'm sorry!" were her exact words. She had a somewhat condescending and almost laughing demeanor to her as she dismissed me as a loony want-to-be prego. I felt like a moron.

In any case, on Tuesday I still had this overwhelming feeling that I was in fact pregnant. And I still had a few tests to waste on my delusions, sooo again I took an at-home pregnancy test. This time the line was faint...but it was much less so....this was driving us crazy! Thinking maybe the cheapo brand of test I had purchased was to blame, that day we went and bought a digital test for me to try out on Wednesday. The rest is history. On Wednesday morning, the day my cycle was supposed to start, the digital pregnancy test came back positive. I promptly went to the doctor's office the first thing that morning in the hopes of proving the rude PA wrong who had attended me...unfortunately she wasn't there. This time the lab results coincided with my premonitions and positive tests, and I was able to tease Andy by initialing telling him it was another false alarm. I only held out for a few seconds though. :)


With Andy's mom in town, we were able to go out on the town for a celebratory dinner and movie date while she stayed home and watched Sebastian.

Well, here we go again...(it's week 5) the good old baby blog is back with a few improvements and changes. Now we will be able to record Sebastian's progress as well as Merlin's (our new child's womb name has already been chosen). Yes, we are aware how dorky we are. Also, I will be tracking my weight gain in decimals. The day I received my positive pregnancy test I was at 139.6, so I've already gained some water weight or blood weight (week 5).

Thankfully, so far, nausea has been minimal. I'm pretty sure I am in the clear in that respect, but only time will truly tell. The most exciting news from this week is that Sebastian learned to crawl, way to go Sebooboo! Since I last remarked on his progress he has quickly excelled from learning to sit, to pulling up to stand, to this most recent accomplishment. He also grew a few teeth. Now if we can just make sense of his sleep... In any case, I will post a few images/videos to catch everyone up on his developing cuteness-hopefully.

Well...week 6 was my first and most annoying doctor's appointment. As last time, I had 8 vials of blood drawn, and had to sit through a class with a group of pregnant ladies. Death by lack of powerpoint! I actually think it would have been much shorter if the lady hadn't tried to remember everything from her PP presentation which she couldn't get working. Anyways...pregnancy has been pure fatigue lately. I am just trying to get enough sleep in my schedule. We had fun taking Sebastian to the pool for the first time today. Unfortunately they don't allow floatation devices in either of the pools we went to (we bought him some fun mommy and me (or daddy and me) floatation crafts that looked really fun, but we couldn't use. We made the best of it though and Sebastian really seemed to enjoy himself. Nevertheless, our search for a pool not run by dictators continues...

Some videos of Sebastian's Journey:

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