February 4, 2010


Well, it has been far too long since I posted anything on this blog. With Sebastian here, and me in school, it is pretty difficult to find the time to post. I could write a novel about my experiences thus far, but I guess I'll attempt to just do an update and maybe scratch the surface of a few thoughts.

Sebastian just had his four-month check-up this week, and he is growing less rapidly now. Thank goodness! It was pretty hard keeping up with his healthy appetite during his growth spurts. Things change so quickly with him from week to week, that I really regret not spending more time to write down my thoughts.

For instance, I can remember when he seemed barely able to focus on my face, and now he is cooing and reaching for it with a big smile when I look down at him. I remember when his little neck was too weak to support his big head (he was a bobbly-headed mess) and now he can almost sit up without support. It has only been four months, but he is changing so fast. He has more than doubled in size already, and has grown 30% in length.

Sebastian still wakes up to feed at least three times a night. We usually put him to bed in his crib around six, and he will wake up around 10 for either a feeding and back to the crib, or I'll bring him in our room to spend the rest of the night with us. I have found co-sleeping to be the best situation for us, since it's the only way I get any sleep. Once he has his first few long sleeps he wakes up every hour or so after that.

Soooo there's your update.

Now let's talk poop. I had no idea what to expect when I was playing with that rumbly ball in my belly. When he came out, his pooped changed so much from day to day I couldn't believe some of what was coming out was technically considered poo. Needless to say I am now accustomed to the gift that is my son's excrement. It seems, rather, to be the bane of his existence most days. He will be so happy one moment and than go into some tantrum seeemingly out of the blue. A few minutes later the culprit announces itself when Sebastian explody-poos (as we have lovingly taken to calling these events).

So, those are my thoughts on poo. I think with that I'll bid you adieu for now.

For more recent pictures of Sebastian check Facebook.

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