November 20, 2009

7 Weeks Post-partum

Well it has been seven weeks since our little mancub entered the world. He has been such a joy, and it's so unbelievable how quickly he's growing. He has gained almost six pounds since birth and is already wearing 6 mo. and 6-9 mo. clothing.

The first few weeks post-partum were a little rough. On the third day after giving birth, I came down with a bit of a fever. It wouldn't have been so bad, yet it was exacerbated by a seven-hour emergency room wait. I was finally readmitted with a temperature of 103, by this time freaking out with worry and feeling awful. Thankfully, after two days of IV broad-spectrum antibiotics for some mystery infection I likely got during delievery (they insisted on checking how dialated I was an absurd number of times due to their own impatience) I was released to go home. We were fortunate that Sebastian was able to stay with me at the hospital so his feeding wasn't interrupted.

Life at home was difficult at first, as I had a lot of pain . Just lifting a big baby so often and getting so little sleep seemed to slow my recovery. Unfortunately, around three weeks, I came down with another fever. This time, it was mastitis, which thankfully I caught quickly. After a few days of antibiotics, AGAIN, I was feeling fine. And thankfully I have ever since. This is the first week where I can really say I feel back to normal. I had my six week checkup and my doctor seemed to think I was healing quite well considering all of my complications and stitches.

Through it all, Andy has been awesome. He makes dinner, helps with most of the diaper changes when he's home, and he is always willing to hold, bottle-feed, and entertain Sebastian.

Right now, the little guy's day is made up primarily of sleeping, eating, and diaper changes, but I make sure and read, sing, and dance with him when he shows signs of alertness. He always gets some tummy time in after diaper changes too. My favorite part of the day is his smily time. A few times a day he will start "talking" and sending smiles and laughs our way. It's soooo precious!

Well, that's about all for now..I could go on forever about all the blessings of motherhood. But I should probably sleep while little one does.

Enjoy the new pics:

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