September 21, 2009

Week 37


End of Week 37 Status:
Weight: 186 lbs.
Estimated Baby Size: A Leek

We are at 38 weeks and counting. As of today Sebastian has ten more days to hang out before his expected due date. I can't help but hope he decides to make an early entrance. Andy is just as impatient as I am, and I feel sorry for him because he doesn't get to have the closeness I share with him until he is born. I guess it's all fair since I'm the one that has to go through labor, ha!

We continue to receive cute gifts and clothes for Sebastian. This week his Granny Schwartz sent the cutest blanket that says "Granny Loves Sebastian" embroidered onto it, as well as sending some adorable outfits. It's going to be hard not to play dress-up with him and take tons of pictures. Speaking of blankies, I finished crochetting the blanket I was making for little Tin-tin this week. I had a hard time with it, and had to restart things over and over. I know a made a few rookie mistakes with it as well which may cause issues later (just knotting and cutting ends at first instead of sewing them in) but I have lots of extra yarn to fix it whenever such mishaps might occur.

No more contractions this week, but tomorrow I am going to see the doc, so we'll hopefully get an update on how things are moving along. Who knows? This could be the last blog I post pregnant!

Well, that's it for now. Here's a pic of the baby blanket I crochetted as promised:

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