June 21, 2009

Week 24


End of Week 24 Status: Weight: 161 lbs. Estimated Baby Size: Average Ruttabaga 13.5 inches long, 1.5 pounds.

Well, 'tis week 25, and we had some first-time-mom-cluelessness-driven excitement in week 24. I was sitting in class on Monday and all of a sudden my entire lower abdomen seemed to seize up. I couldn't move for about 10 minutes. The pain diminished to the point where I felt mobile by the end of class, and by the time I got home, I was curious and concerned as to what could be causing the discomfort. My mom and I snoofed around online for some explanations and we decided it was most likely round ligament pain. However, most of the sites said that the pain would subside in about 30 minutes if it was RLP.

Itching for a little bit of RnR, Andy and I went out to get some pizza, freshmade Ice Cream, and catch a movie. We saw Angels and Demons, and it was quite good. However, seeing as it was now about seven hours since the initial pains had developed and they were still persisting, we decided to be safe and go to the hospital to make sure Sebastian was okay.

After what seemed like hours of neglect in a hospital bed, we finally were allowed to leave with the diagnosis of none other than round ligament pains....big surprise. At least now I know what they feel like, and I don't have to worry anymore. We also were granted the gift of seeing Sebastian again, which made the idleness less excrutiating. I've since found that as long as I exercise every day, the pains occur very infrequently. I can't say the same for my middle back. It aches almost constantly all day long...I'm guessing this is because it is countering the weight of the baby from the front. In any case, I will live.

Andy let me record him doing the jazz version of the Opus de Sebastian, which he is calling "The Sebastian Swing." So here it is, a little rusty but he was on the spot and not fully prepared:

That's it for this week, I have an appointment on Wednesday and I should have some pics of the nursery next week so stay tuned.