June 13, 2009

Week 23


End of Week 23 Status:
Weight: 159 lbs.
Estimated Baby Size: Ear of Corn nearly a foot long, 4 more ounces since last week.

C'est la semaine 24. Nothing much to report for this week, everything has been pretty quiet. We are looking forward to our weekend of relaxation. I plan to do as little homework as possible and just enjoy the nice weather we are expected to have.

I may start to de-girlify the baby room. The last owner had a baby girl named Lily whose name is all over the room as well as pink flowers and butterflies. My mom gave me the idea of frogs, so I may put some little frogs, and just add blue sky to cover up the spots with the butterflies. I dont want to go overly boy because we plan to sell the house in three years and I would prefer it to be more gender neutral.

The bird who laid eggs in our hanging plant in early spring has just become a proud parent of some punk chicks. They have little mohawks, so cute! I will post a picture. Hmm, what else...Andy has been working on a jazz rendition of the Opus de Sebastian which is coming along nicely, I will post that when it's ready as well. Well I guess that's about it, Sebastian is doing well and moving a lot...and we are happy.

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