September 12, 2012

37 Weeks

Week Thirty-Seven Status:
Weight: 172.9 lbs.
Estimated Baby Size: Stalk of Swiss Chard (What? I have no clue...)
est. 19+ inches & 6.5+lbs.

Leopold has reached full-term status this week, which is a great feeling. I am always surprised when I see people making comments on about wanting to have their babies before this point, but I guess some people have had harder times with pregnancy than I. Now that I am at this point however, I am ready. I also feel like adopting the midwives due date of September 29th (even though I've been swearing it can't be correct due to the whole family's stomach flu in January)…I just like the earlier due date, for obvious reasons. He can come any day. I still need to call the hospital and pre-register, finish sewing all the baby blanket squares together and doing the trim, and I need to pack a few things for my hospital bag. I don't, however, place a lot of importance on packing, since labor should be lengthy enough of a process for me to do it then. Other than working on checking off those last few things, I am just trying to enjoy thoroughly the gorgeous pre-Autumn we're having in Hampton Roads at the moment, and giving all of my attention to Sebastian and Izaak, who will not get as much undivided affection once Maestro Leeps makes his appearance.

Since in the last post I promised to show some of the preparations for Leopold, I'll attach a couple pictures below. I am no interior decorating maven, but I did the best I could with the small space and multi-purposing issues I had. He will be sharing the master bedroom with mommy for a while, where his co-sleeper and crib are all prepped and ready for him. Probably about a year ago Andy happily relocated to the guest bed (and couch when we have visitors), and we both are getting a much healthier amount of sleep. We drive each other crazy otherwise, and this is just a much more blissful arrangement, especially since lately he gets up so early and goes to bed so late, and I have an enormous pregnancy body pillow, or "nest" as Andy calls it, taking up our whole Queen bed in the master bedroom. Ha! People think we're weird, but they'd understand if they had to sleep next to either of us, and it actually used to be the norm back in the day…I totally get why! I also don't like sharing the bed with the kids when they wake up at 4 am, and Andy enjoys the cuddle time with the kids…so it works perfectly for everyone.

Pregnancy is still non-eventful. Leopold feels more boney and strong than I remember the other boys being, but he is measuring perfectly.  Details alert! Ha! (If you don't like reading about lady parts stop reading now.) I am prompted to warn everyone as I recall my pastor's sermon this past Sunday when he made the comment that he is the type of person who doesn't like hearing too many details when someone is talking…this made me chuckle. I'm sure he's not the only one, and I am totally a detail disher, so if you feel the same you may want to stop reading! The midwives have said my cervix feels like it will labor well…whatever that means. I was 2 cm dilated, and 70-80% effaced at my 37-week appointment, and Leopold's head was at zero station. I refuse to let any of that go to my head however, it just means labor should (but won't necessarily) entail less work for my body to do whenever he decides it's time to flip the switch. It really is just a waiting game at this point…cue Jeopardy theme song.
When will he be born? Care to hazard a guess? I am now officially accepting predictions! :)

Prep Pics:

Crib! The pillow and stuff will be moved of course...breathable bumper.

My lone attempt at creativity. Leopold Sign above the crib.


Mommy and Leeps's shared closet/dresser.

Cute outfit Donna bought for him! She always gets the cutest things! Thanks Donna!

Socks, mittens, hats and swaddling/receiving blankets have overtaken my endtable!

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