July 18, 2012

29 Weeks

Week Twenty-Nine Status:
Weight: 164.2 lbs.
Estimated Baby Size: Butternut Squash
est. 15+ inches & 2.5+lbs.

It’s 29 weeks for Leopold Walter this week, and I feel like this pregnancy is just kind of whisking by me. It’s amazing how much faster time seems to fly by with two children in your life. There isn’t a great deal to report on, the pregnancy couldn’t be going better, everything is measuring great and looking/sounding perfect, so we have been very blessed. With Andy back at work full time with a lot of overtime, I have been working on adjusting to the new rhythm of our household. I have begun to really enjoy being a happy homemaker. It makes a huge difference no longer balancing schoolwork with parenting and housework. The house is cleaner than its ever been because I finally have my chores in a pattern that works for me. This “work,” for the first time, actually brings me a lot of joy too. There is something pleasant about knowing my dear husband will appreciate the little things I can do for him, and it grants me a true sense of purpose to make things relaxing for him when he returns home from working in the tiresome world everyday. 

With the kids, apart from enjoying things like the Norfolk Botanical Gardens, and their awesome splash pad and trails, discipline has been my summer project. I’ve been teaching the boys to pick up after their messes, share better, and just be more respectful in general. It is a noble task that will never reach the state of “accomplished” but I am okay with settling for steady growth with occasional setbacks. The women’s bible study group I’ve been attending over this summer has been all about Contentment, and it has made a significant impact on me at this pivotal point, as I transition to being a full-time stay-at-home mom.  Although, I had a rough start, as one of my close friends who received a phone call from me in distress over my poor handling of my new situation could easily attest, I can now honestly say that I have never been happier with my marriage, my children, and my lot in life than I have become over these past few weeks. 

Ha…I should now say: Enter Leopold. I know that he will try, and usually succeed in muddying up all of my established household rhythms with his arrival, so I will be readjusting big time again when he arrives. I am ultimately not in control anyways, only God is sovereign, so it will be a good period of growth for patience and faith I’m sure.  Hopefully, as is the plan, my mom will be here for the first week, because with Andy working for the presidential campaign, October couldn’t be any busier!   

My other summer project, inspired in part by my need for something brain-heavier, as well as Leopold’s and the family’s well-being, has been developing healthier meals; I have relied heavily on the Internet to do research and find recommendations for meals via Pinterest. The information I have stumbled upon has definitely seemed to make an impact on us all. Not only have I successfully gone from considered overweight for my pregnancy to right on target, but Andy has shed pounds as well. Basically, liver function and how quickly it is able to process fats has got to be the biggest change in our diets. Anything that is not natural, like all the ingredients in those low-fat fake butters or processed foods, bog down your liver with things to reject from the body, so the liver doesn’t have as much time to deal with fat. Also, an increase in good fats which actually help your body process toxins and fat (think nuts, avocados, coconut oil, etc.) I think it works…but who knows? In any case, I’m glad to be back on real butter, and can honestly say unprocessed foods, while they take longer to make meals out of, make your moods brighter, your energy levels higher, and give you an overall healthier feel. I won’t be going back, especially since it seems to be a little cheaper to eat this way as well. Okay…I’m rambling at this point, so I will call it a night. Bonsoir mes amis!


  1. Ha...no. I wish. If I can find nitrate free bacon again we can have some in moderation once in a while though...commissary had some last time! You have been deprived! :)