February 2, 2012

Pregnant Again! Week Five

Week Five Status:
Weight: 131.8 lbs.
Estimated Baby Size: Poppy Seed 

When I posted in May 2010 that I was "following in my mother's footsteps and having my second child a mere 16 months after the first. And I used to call her crazy." I never came close to imagining I would continue to follow her path.  Yet, surprise surprise! I'm pregnant again! And, I'm most certainly mimicking her pregnancy timeline. My mother had my older brother Joshua Ryan on September 23, 1980. Sixteen months later, my older sister, Rachel Sarah came into the world on January 25, 1982.  Yours truly, arrived only nineteen months later on August 16, 1983.  In similar fashion, I had Sebastian Lawrence on October 1st, 2009, then came Izaak Atlas on January 24, 2011, about sixteen months apart. If I am correct in my calculations, Wooster  aka Chewy (yes she/he already has a womb name) is due around October 4, 2012. That would put her/him around 20 months after Izaak. Mom, you beat me by 42 days! Ha! Probably more if Chewy decides to be late like her/his big brother Izaak.

With Andy getting out of the Marine Corps soon due to an injury to his shoulder, and the future being quite unsettled, it goes without saying that Wooster was not planned.  However, despite the initial shock, I am excited to welcome her/him into the world, secure in God's plans. Also, it gives the grandparents reason to hope again that their will be a little girl in the family.  We shall see… I'm sure, as we will, the grandparents will be happy no matter the gender.

So far, things have been a breeze, I am five weeks and a day at the moment, and I have no nausea, only intermittent fatigue and mild cramping.  That said, I have already broken out the pregnancy clothes, the pants anyways…because they're so comfortable, ha ha!  I think because of lack of exercise, my weight is a little freakishly low, despite the fact that I have more around the middle than I did pre-babies.  I definitely need to build up some muscle mass over the next couple months before I have a bowling ball weighing me down.
Sebastian is old enough now to understand that a baby is growing in Mommy's belly, and it's incredibly cute that he seems to be excited by that fact.  Izaak may not feel the same, he is a cuddly mommy hog, who wouldn't dream of sharing me with yet another child, but I'm sure he will grow more independent as the time approaches.
Thankfully, I am in my last semester of school, and only taking three classes: Russian Politics, Inter-religious relations of the Middle Ages, and my Undergraduate Thesis.  My thesis is pretty much complete, in fact I go today to get my advisor, Dr. Linda McGreevy's comments and suggestions for wrapping it up. The other two classes meet in the evening from 7-10, which is difficult with the fatigue, but much less stressful than dealing with the horror that is Hampton Roads traffic at all other times.
Things may get a little more complicated if Andy gets a job he applied for in Charlottesville. If he is so blessed, it will mean he will leave for Charlottesville for work, while I become a single parent, and our friend Rachel watches the kids on the nights I'm in school. Needless to say this will cause a fair amount of stress, but I am going to do my best to give it to God, and take it in stride. We should find out if he got the job very soon.
Well, I guess that's it for now! Welcome to the womb Wooster!


  1. Amanda,

    Loved reading your blog post and learning more about your pregnancy. Congrats again to you all. I look forward to reading future posts. I wish I were there during this time. Truly missing your company and our talks between classes. Big Hug!

    Thinking of you,

    1. Thanks Ivelis! I miss you too! I don't talk to anyone in class this semester...no more art history classes for me. I am not really upset about that part I guess. Ha!