August 26, 2009

Week 33


End of Week 33 Status:
Weight: 178 lbs.
Estimated Baby Size: Average Cantaloupe

It has been week 34 for almost a week now, so it's about time I get around to describing week 33. We had an awesome time on our vacation. Our last big hoorah as childless adults. It started off on Saturday with a relaxing slow-paced drive through the Outer Banks, or as locals call it "The OBX." We stayed in Buxton, NC for the first night, where we swam in the hotel pool and the ocean, which was only a short walk away. The beach was surprisingly uncrowded for the middle of August, and it was so refreshing to just relax the day away. We had breakfast at a charming Bed and Breakfast the next morning and headed off to explore the rest of the OBX--taking pictures in front of every lighthouse along the way.

That evening, after riding on several ferries and exploring the charming small-town offerings of Ocracoke, we arrived in Jacksonville, NC, at the McSherry's house. There, we got to meet their four-month-old son Aiden, their lovable cat Oscar, and just catch up with some pizza and TV commentary. The next day Rob let us play with Aiden, watch how to change a diaper, and learn how to hold invaluable experience for both of us.
The next morning we were off to Charleston, SC. The drive wasn't as interesting this day, but we still managed to find a few winning locations along the way. I can't wait to rent a beach house some day at one of the spots we visited, Caswell Beach. We arrived in Charleston pretty late, and were lucky enough to find an Indian restaurant still open. So, we ran out to grab our food, and stayed in the rest of the night watching "Operacion Repo" on TruTV, ha!

Tuesday we spent the morning exploring Charleston, and it was HOT and HUMID! I was downing bottle after bottle of water to make sure Sebastian didn't feel any of the ill effects. The old buildings were beautiful and the waterfront walk was quite enjoyable. However, we both were looking forward to the highlight of our trip, arriving in Swannanoa, NC at my parents' new house. After a quick drive up to the mountains of NC, we finally arrived, and spent the rest of our trip being pampered and relaxing with my folks in their beautiful new home. Well, I was relaxing and being pampered...Andy enjoyed some "man time" with my dad assembling and moving all manner of things to get the house more comfortable for everyone. Mom and I picked out Sebastian's high chair as well, so that was an added bonus gift on top of the many things they gave us from their move.

All in all, the trip was amazing. I'm glad we got to explore some more before Sebastian arrived, we are big road trip lovers and with school starting up again and Sebastian being young, we probably won't get around to another one for at least a year.

Well, week 35 starts tomorrow, but I'll wait until after the baby shower on Saturday to fill you in on all the details of the past week. Here are a few select photos from the trip:

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