June 27, 2009

Week 25


End of Week 25 Status: Weight: 163 lbs. Estimated Baby Size: An English Hothouse Cucumber 14 inches long, 1 and 2/3 pounds.

It's been week 26 for a few days now, but I wanted to finish painting the nursery before I made a post. I have a video of it attached to the bottom of this post. I've never had so much fun painting before...I just built upon the mural that was already in the room when we moved in...but transformed it into a boy's theme. I added froggies, owls, and a turtle. I also got inspired to start the registry this week. I wasn't expecting it to be so much fun. I am pretty sure we will end up buying most of it, but it's fun to have a shopping list and imagine playing with all the stuff when Sebastian gets here.

Other than tha, I'm happy to say I finished another course at ODU this week, just took a final on Friday and it went well. The appointment on Wednesday was pretty noneventful other than having to drink a glucose drink and wait around in the waiting room for an hour so they could draw my blood. Boring...but worth it to know if I have gestational diabetes or not.

Here's the nursery:

That's it for this week, my next class starts on Monday...French II, I hope it's not too much work...I'm looking forward to a little more time for non-school related activities. Okie dokie, that's it for this week, Ciao.

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