April 27, 2009

Week 16


End of Week 16 Status:
Weight: 146 lbs.
Estimated Baby Size: Turnip

Well, we've been at 17 weeks for going on 5 days now, but I was late to get started writing this week, and then Andy surprised me with a getaway to visit Josh and Shelly (my brother and sister-in-law) in Rochester, NY. We are just getting home, so I'm gonna get to bed and pick this up after my exam tomorrow morning. It was an exciting trip!

Phew! Glad that's over...only two more finals left 'til I get a few weeks off. So, back to the trip--on Friday night Andy said he wanted to drive the next morning to catch the Indians game in Cleveland. I, at first, wasn't too excited about the idea because I had just asked my brother earlier in the day if he would be going to any of this series' games (the Indians were playing his team the Minnesota Twins). He said he wouldn't, and when he asked if I was I had said "no, not if you aren't"...so, when Andy said we were, I felt kind of bad. A few minutes later, Andy went out to retrieve my much-craved spinach, olive and pepperoni pizza from Sal's (SOOO GOOD), and I received a call from my brother.

Josh started the conversation off with "I get to go somewhere you don't tomorrow" in a childish taunt. Well he, of course, was talking about the game in Cleveland, and so I finally got motivated about the trip. I don't get to see my brother and Shelly enough, so despite the tons of homework and studying I had to do, I agreed to the trip. It gets more exciting, though. About halfway through the trip, I started asking too many directional questions, I guess, because Andy was forced to come clean with their whole plan. He and Josh had tricked me into thinking we were going to a game, when actually we were going to spend the next few days at Josh and Shelly's in Rochester! It was pretty funny, and I was happy, because spending money on tickets, a hotel, and being pregnant really dampened the thrill of going to the game in Cleveland.

The last big surprise? When we got there, we found out that just that day, Shelly found out she was pregnant!!!!!!!! Hahaha! So crazy! I'm so excited that Gorthar will have a cousin three months his younger to play with. So many life changing events in this family this year, and so many blessings. Andy and I are moving, my parents are moving, Shelly and I are having babies, and now they might be moving to NC too! Excitement, excitement, excitement.

As far as Gorthar is concerned, there's nothing new to report. Things are about the same as last week, except I am just starting to show (with my clothes on, ha) and he/she seems to be growing more rapidly. Well, I'm STARVING so I'm gonna go.

Au Revoir!

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