March 14, 2009

Week 10


End of Week 10 Status:
Weight: 142 lbs.
Estimated Baby Size: Fig

I know I am late writing this, as it's already day 3 of week 11, but Andy and I have been enjoying our break, and I just didn't feel like writing until now. Spring break has been a wonderful respite for both of us. We started it off with a trip to the Back Bay Wildlife Refuge just south of Virginia Beach on Virginia's outer banks. It is an awesome place, so filled with beauty. I plan on making many more trips there in the next few years. Sunday afternoon we had a barbecue in the park with our friends Bob and Marcia. We are going to their daughter's birthday party tomorrow, which little Caroline told us is going to be a Wonder Pets fiesta!

I was hoping there would be lots of exciting stuff to add this week as my first prenatal appointment was on Tuesday, but it ended up just being some sort of orientation for the hospital, and there were several other pregnant couples present. I didn't eat before we left, not sure why, but I definitely regretted it when I found out they wanted 8 vials of my blood. I am lucky I didn't pass out. I guess I had more than enough to spare. :) It will be another few weeks before we get to hear our little one's heartbeat, and we can't wait. April 2nd, Day 1 of Week 14!

Fourteen weeks is a long time to have to wait for most people, but I am fine with it. I was really impressed with the hospital, and I feel completely confident and comfortable to be in their care. Naval Medical Center Portsmouth is more progressive than most civilian hospitals, as they allow options such as natural birth, midwives, shower labor, and even low lighting or music at birth. I am very relieved, since after watching the instant viewing film "The Business of Being Born" on Netflix, I am not incredibly keen on the idea of drugs, or being on my back for delivery. I'm going to go with the Europeans on this one, ha! I have been in a lot of pain many times in my life and it has never killed me. I know this will hurt more than anything I've ever experienced, but I consider it a rite of passage, and am determined to do it my way on God's time, not some hospital's.

Well, Gorthar is thirsty and hungry and I'm still not really in the mood for writing--which you can probably tell from my lackluster sentence structure--so I'm gonna sign out for this week. See ya soon.


  1. Shower and tub labor are the BOMMMMMB! Lemme tell you.

  2. I have them on my birth plan...glad to know someone else has tried them and liked them, I was just going to go for it without knowing what to expect, ha!

  3. Nice tummy pic. I almost spent a BUNCH of money on toys for Gorthar/Gortharina. Fortunatly I came to my senses and realized the logic of waiting a bit.

  4. Hahaha! I feel those urges often. Thankfully, I also came to my senses or we'd have tons more stuff to move whenever we finally do.