February 6, 2009

Week 5


End of Week 5 Status:
Weight: 138lbs
Estimated Baby Size: Lentil Bean

Today is day 2 of Week 6, and Week 5 was a really busy week for us. We started the week off with an all out house-hunt to accomodate our expected family addition. Anyone who has ever embarked on a similar journey surely knows this is not an easy task. We spent the better part of our time holding our noses and raising our eyebrows in amazement at the quality and condition of the homes in the price range and area we were looking for. Thankfully, with a little effort and perseverence, and a great realtor -- Fran Barbaree of Long and Foster for anyone looking in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia -- we were able to narrow down the search to the quality of houses and neighborhoods we desire. We put an offer on one house today, and have another in waiting in case the conditions we laid out in the first offer are not met by the seller.

As for pregnancy particulars, Week 5 was host to some cramping, spontaneous mood swings, and some monster naps. The fatigue was pretty overwhelming at times; we attempted to attend a super bowl party, but by half-time I was borderline comatose so we headed home.

In other news, we settled on the womb name Gorthar. Apparently a running joke in the Schwartz family, the name just seems to fit and has given our "little one" a pet-like presence. I have recently taken to using such phrases as "Gorthar is hungry" when I feel like snacking, or "Gorthar is renovating" when I start to feel crampy.

Yesterday we attended the memorial service for Andy's grandfather Lawrence Ollie Schwartz, in Southern Pines, NC and it was a very special time. The family was amused at the baby's womb name, and Andy spoke about the connection in the timing of Grandpa's passing, and Gorthar's conception. If Gorthar turns out to be a boy, we are considering giving the baby the middle name Lawrence to memorialize him further. Prior to this idea the Schwartz consensus seemed to be Grover Cleveland Indian Schwartz :)
I am a little peeved right now because my prescription prenatal vitamins are being discontinued, and they are the second prescription to do so. Also, the Navy apparently wants me to go to their hospital in Portsmouth, so instead of having my first appointment next Tuesday at the OB/Gyn they've been perfectly happy to send me to for the last 6 months, I have to wait until March 10. I don't know how long after that my first ultrasound will be, but they said it should follow it shortly. As annoying as all of this felt at the time, I am so blessed to have free health care, and be in good health, so I thank God for that.

Other than that, the week was about going to court and writing papers or taking tests for school. I really don't feel the need to expound on any of these, except to tell you, DO NOT be as dumb as I was and speed on New Year's Eve or you'll end up with a 150.00 fine and an annoying trip to the courthouse.

See you all next week!

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  1. Apparently Portsmouth is a pretty good place to receive prenatal care, and have babies. We actually have some friends that requested to get re=stationed in this area, just so they could get preg and have their 2nd baby at Portsmouth (their first daughter was born there as well). Hopefully you will feel the same way about it soon :)