January 29, 2009

We're Pregnant!


On Wednesday, January 21, 2009 I noticed I was not experiencing any of my usual menstrual symptoms and I was supposed to start my cycle that day. So, I took a Walgreen's Early Response pregnancy test first thing that morning. It was positive! However, the line was very faint, so I didn't want to get overly excited. I sent Andy a text message--he had already left for PT at school--and started scouring the Internet to see the likelihood of a faint line meaning anything other than "positive." After browsing several answers websites and blogs, it was apparent it was extremely rare for it to mean anything but positive, so I decided I would go to the doctors and get a blood test to confirm it after school.

Needless to say, it was hard to concentrate the whole day. Andy was really excited about the possible pregnancy as well, so he decided to accompany me to the clinic. When we got there the physician's assistant drew my blood and told me it would take about 30 minutes for them to let my blood clot, spindle it down, and to confirm the presence of hCG (the pregnancy hormone). After an interminable 35 minutes, the PA came back and with a slight pause, looked at us both and said..."Positive!"

Woohoo! We did it! :)

On the drive back home, we both called our mothers and told them the good news. I decided, however, to keep it a secret from Rachel (my sister) and my Dad until Friday, since it was my dad's birthday, and my sister's was Sunday. Happy Birthday dad, you're getting a grandchild this year!


  1. Im surprised you found info saying that a faint line rarely means anything. A faint line, especially on store brand PT's, is very common. When in doubt, for future reference, go with FRE :)

  2. I said I found information that says a faint line rarely means anything but positive. Especially if it's within seconds of taking the test. What is FRE?